Everything began with a desire of four friends to open a restaurant and make it their place, for their friends, common family and all of them who would enjoy it with all of their senses…sybarites, gourmets basically people in general…
One interior designer, one engineer, one cook and one economist…mix of Serbia, Mexico and Israel?…You can say a creasy combination!
Somebody would say what a good joke…that night several bottles of wine were opened while creating that unique place and gathering and mix all the experience from living abroad, just laughing and having a good time. Yes, it was a great night!
That night they didn’t write down anything, but kept their ideas in their mind. At the end of the evening, their only concern was how to name the place. ˝ Let’s just name it Smokvica…why…? Because of that beautiful fig tree in the yard! ˝ – someone suggested.
And that’s how it begin…

Our mission is to serve you the best food & drinks in Belgrade. As simple as that. We created a space for kids and grow-ups in which both can co-exist and enjoy. We know that is a true art to have a good time and we try with enthusiasm to deliver you our gastronomic and esthetic experiences.


Kralja Petra: Located in the heart of Belgrade, Smokvica Kralja Petra is a summer terrace offering a great selection of quality food delivered fast, best cocktails in the town and a relaxed atmosphere. Open from 9 am till 12 pm every day of the week.
Airport City: In Airport City Business Centre in new Belgrade, Smokvica Airport City is a restaurant offering great bistro food with many daily specials with a gourmet touch, delivered fast in order for you to come eat and continuo your hard working day. Open from 8 am to 8 pm.
Smokvica Ada: On the left side of Ada Ciganlija, Smokvica Ada gives you a feeling that you are away from town. The ambience of the sea, overlooking the lake and a large garden with deck chairs on the beach. Come for coffee by the lake and enjoy in the charms of nature.
Smokvica Molerova: Situated in a spacious villa that is home to one of Belgrade’s busiest restaurants and most loved city gardens. Join the leafy shade while reading the daily newspaper or spend your winter afternoon having a glass of wine next to the fireplace. Later, you could share a meal with somebody special or talk business over dinner. Smokvica offers good food, friendly atmosphere and plenty of delicious cocktails to help fuel your exploration of Belgrade-a city that doesn’t sleep.